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How do I use Easy Picture2Icon?
Easy Picture2Icon Quick Guide
1. Start the program. (If the program does not start than you probably don't have the Microsoft .Net framework installed.)
2. Click the "Open Picture" button and a browse window opens.
3. Browse to the picture you want to make a Windows icon of and select it.
4. Click the "Open" button. The brows window closes and your picture is displayed in the main window.
5. Click in the checkboxes to the right to select the icon sizes you want to include in your icon file. At least one icon size must be selected.
6. If you want a transparent area in your icon you must select the "Transparent Color" checkbox and click on a color in the picture to the left to select which color to be transparent.
7. Click on the "Compress" or "Cut Edges" radio button to select if you want to cut the edges of the image or compress it to fit in the icon square. You can see the result in the main picture to the left.
8. Click the "Save Icon" button and a save browser window opens.
9. Browse to a directory where you want to save your icon and give it a name.
10. Click the "Save" button and the icon is saved to disk.

Microsoft .NET Framework FAQ

How do I know if the Microsoft .Net Framework is installed?
Check to See If You Have the .NET Framework Installed You can check to see if you already have the .NET Framework 1.1 installed by clicking Start on your Windows desktop, selecting Control Panel, and then double-clicking the Add or Remove Programs icon. When that window appears, scroll through the list of applications. If you see Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 listed, the latest version is already installed and you do not need to install it again.

How do I install the Microsoft .NET Framework?
Alternative 1.
If you only want to run applications built using the .NET Framework 1.1, download and install the .NET Framework 1.1 from Microsoft Windows Update.
Alternative 2.
You can download and install the Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.1 redistributable. The package includes everything you need to run applications developed using the .NET Framework. You can find it here.

TIP: How to make a bookmark icon in MSIE 5 and 6?
Internet Explorer expects an icon file called favicon.ico file to reside in the directory of the page being bookmarked. All you have to do is to put an icon file called favicon.ico in every directory you want your own custom bookmark icon. You can of course use Easy Picture2icon to produce the icon file form a picture. Note that the icon must have the size 16x16.

If you have any questions please send an e-mail to info@picture2icon.com

Is the product available for LINUX and UNIX?
There are currently no versions available for LINUX or UNIX today.

Is the product available for Mac OS X?
There is currently no version available for Mac OS X today. Hopefully the first Mac version will be ready within a month.

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